Art Exhibit Policy


The purpose of Art Exhibition at the Ignacio Community Library is to enrich the library experience by:

Presenting a wide range of art, collections or displays

Support community culture and artistic activities

Stimulate aesthetic and creative growth

Encourage individuals who may be contributing to the increase of knowledge or extension of the arts

Enhance and increase community appreciation of the arts

Help local and regional artists increase their public exposure



The Ignacio Community Library encourages artistic and cultural interests by providing a showcase for local artists residing in the Four Corners Area (AZ, CO, NM, and UT). The Library welcomes local artists of all ages, amateur or professional to participate in exhibition under the following guidelines:   

  1. All artwork must be original by the submitting artist. Work from all media and styles will be considered. Each artist may submit up to six pieces.
    1. Wall art must be ready to hang, with a wire attached to the back.
    2. Every effort will be made accommodate three-dimensional art pieces in a secure area. 3-D art pieces must not exceed 12”h x 24”w x 24”d.
    3. Textiles will be considered if they can be displayed securely in an existing display area.
  2. The Ignacio Community Library intends to display the work of local artists for periods of up to 90 days. Works accepted for display will normally remain at the Library for the scheduled period; however, the Art Coordinator may grant an exception if an artist wishes to remove a piece prior to the scheduled period.
  3. Exhibits are scheduled for January, April, July and October. Specific dates for upcoming exhibits and deadlines are announced by postings in the Library's newsletter, on the library website and bulletin board. The deadline for submitting Request Forms will be approximately 2-3 weeks prior to the scheduled exhibition.
  4. Exhibition decisions are made by the Art Committee based on the Requests submitted by the deadline. Requests sent by mail will be considered if postmarked by the deadline date. Selections are based on the quality and appropriateness of the art, the space available, and the mission of the Library.
    1. The Art Committee consists of three rotating members:
      1. A member of the Library Board
      2. A member of the Library Staff
      3. A representative from the community
    2. If there is a lack of exhibition requests, the Art Coordinator reserves the right to select all requested works, which may provide the opportunity for a one-person show.
      1. The Art Coordinator will arrange youth art, as materials are available. The timing and handling of these displays will be different from that of the Art Exhibition Policy.
  5. Price tags shall not be visible on exhibiting work. Artwork pricing is available in the Artist Information Binder.
  6. The Art Coordinator will assemble information about the artists and their work, as provided by the artist, for the viewing public.
    1. Artists are encouraged to review an existing Artist Information Binder to understand how this information is used to inform interested patrons.
  7. Artists must pick up artwork from the Library no later than one week after the end of the exhibit. The Library cannot provide storage space.
  8. Each exhibitor agrees and understands the Library, its trustees, invitees, and employees cannot assume responsibility for loss or damage to works on display.
  9. By submission of artwork, artists grant the Library the right to use their images for the purpose of promoting exhibitions, promoting the artist and subsequent display on the Library’s website and may also be placed on social networks.


Donations of Art

Works of art may be donated to the Ignacio Community Library. The considerations and criteria defined in the Seasonal Art Exhibition Policy will be applied to individual works of art that may be donated. The Library retains the right to accept or reject any work of art for the Library. Donated art becomes the property of Ignacio Community Library, which has the authority on nature, location and retention. A good effort will be made to keep donated art in the library as intended by the donor; however priority is given to local art involved in seasonal exhibitions. All expenses involved with shipping, maintenance and special display needs of the art are expected and to be arranged by the donor.



  1. Deadlines for Request Form submission with supporting information must be adhered to. This will insure the work of all interested artists is available to the Art Committee.
    1. Items to be submitted by the deadline are:
      1. Complete and signed Art Exhibition Request Form
      2. A photograph of each piece of artwork offered for exhibition
        1. Wall art note: to reduce glare, a photograph of each piece before it is framed is much appreciated
      3. A short artist bio
      4. A photograph of the artist (optional)
      5. A supply of business cards or similar items containing artist contact information (for prospective purchasers, if the work is for sale)
  2. The Art Committee or Art Coordinator will review all submissions based on the artist’s submitted materials.
  3. Artists will be notified when to bring selected items to the Library.  Artwork must be dropped off by date given. No exceptions.
    1. Artwork to be displayed must be framed, matted or have a support structure, and ready to hang.  
      1. Artwork should be stable condition and should not require extraordinary procedures or equipment for maintenance or display.